The power of speech

There is power is speech.  From our own hearts we speak.  What we think about expresses itself in our words.  Our words are an act of creation.  We are these beautiful beings that have the power of life and death literally on the tip of our tongues.

It is said that the entirety of the universe was created by the spoken word of the creator.  We, sons and daughter’s of creation have these gifts which we can consciously harness stepping out of the darkness into the light and change the reality we exist in and create in our lives.  We can consciously change the reality that we exist in and the reality of other just by grasping this fundamentalist truth that existing at the very essence of the beginning of our creation.

Step out of the midst, awake from the death, the slumber, the pain, the aching the longing and set your feet upon a foundation and solid ground and begin to heal.  Speak life with your tongue.

A long, long time ago – in my blindness and pain I walked with the those who had darkened understanding.  I did not understand the gifts that I had to change the very reality inside and outside of me.  Speaking things that were projected into me or taught by others that were far from the light and the truth and the way.  When we speak we create agreements with these very elements, people – enough speaking and like a harvest we reap the fruit at some point.  Fortunately, there exists a grace and a gift that came into this world a light that still shines brightly in the darkness.  More powerful than any of our pasts that offers a way out.

Life transformed in a powerful way when the Great Spirit came to this earth and manifested as the Christ, Yeshua.  Things have come to try to separate us from the truth of the love, the forgiveness, the mercy, the grace and the gift.  We have been given the power to break free from the laws of the past and of the death it would create in ourselves and awaken into a miracle.  By a simple faith and an act of allowing the peace of the Christ to open the door the gateway to the presence of the Creator of all that lives, allowing the kingdom of heaven to open and be built within us. Like a child with no father or mother we can be adopted into the kingdom of heaven in grace.

With our tongues we can speak separating ourselves from our pasts and turning the darkened days to a new light.  I lay on my bed some nights and say a prayer.  Dear Great Spirit, creator of all that is, I ask you in the name of your son to break any words I have even spoken over myself where I have spoken ill of myself or cursed myself.  I ask you to break the power of that and heal my soul and restore it to how you see it to be in your most perfect place.  Dear Creator of the heavens and earth, I ask you to break any words that I spoke with any others that created any less than perfect or unholy agreements or covenants, freeing my soul in the now in the name of your son Jesus.  I ask you that the power of any curses or words spoken against me be broken and I forgive myself and others for these actions as I know you forgive and I thank you for this great gift of life.

Amen and Amen.


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