Teaching yourself love

For many of us that came out of abused traumatic experiences when we were either adults or children we can perceive these interactions as our consciousness of what love is.  Taught these ways the cycle begins as we continue to feed these experiences to ourselves creating a desperate cycle that leaves us feeling hurt, betrayed and untrusting of the potentiality of goodness and kindness.  There is a way to break this cycle and step into the light and connect with the source of all goodness, the creator of all that is.

How to do this is is deep within ourselves.  Things around us may spin stories about what we seek is someplace outside of us but the healing and transformation needs to occur deep within our own souls.  Finding these unsettled places within us and pouring love, true love and letting it reach the dark places that are hiding in the trauma.  Opening up your trust to the love and light of the creator. Your life will completely change with each act of this. These gentle acts of kindness and care to our ourselves.

Love, it’s feeling is like a gentle smile.  A kind lightness that holds absolutely no judgement.  Is feels like freedom and acceptance.  It is the embodiment of goodness.  It goes beyond what our earthly fathers and mothers can give us and shifts the consciousness to our divine parents, the male female of the eternal creator.  It is within this space we can transform even the darkest imaginations and troubles into light experiencing the miracle of how everything can shift.  It is possible to make this transformation just by loving yourself and opening yourself to divine grace and mercy.

When traumatized the projections and experiences of other people’s beliefs and energies  impact our energetic fields they create soul fractures and deep wounds.  It is in these wounds that darkness can be attracted creating an instability within our lives and our experiences.  To heal these wounds is to bring strength and wholeness to your whole being which in turn shifts the world around you and how you are able to experience life.  The people you are once attracted to, the things you found interest in that created long term exposures to these unhealed cycles will cease and your life will become different.  Your feet will begin to steadily connect you to a path that leads you into the ways of life and understanding.  The old will become new and a place to rejoice within your heart will resurface.

This is the work.

Facing yourself and seeing when these traumas have separated you is our work, your work.  We have two choices we can face ourselves and embrace ourselves and heal the traumas that cause these cycles to repeat or we can repeat them.  The work seems like it is hard because we have to discard our feelings of being a victim, of loneliness and face our fears.  In this we cultivate courage, in this we cultivate compassion towards ourselves then we can reflect correctly into those around us.  To develop a deep deep love which embodies wisdom and lifts our hearts to kiss the heavens in a state of divine adoration and worship showers this great outpouring of beauty into our lives.  `It is our true nature.  To become like a child again or the child we knew we were to be back in step with the divine blue print.

Love first came to me in the dream state.  Until this dream I had no concept of the divine feeling of love.  Love to me was horrible, angry, very very tough on myself and it allowed no mistakes.  This love was a reflection of the love I had been taught.  It was utterly askew.  In this dream a voice said to me ‘try this love’.  Instantly everything shifted.  What I felt was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced in my life: everything was kind, no judgement, just being held in this pure beautiful place of perfect comfort and care.  That dream changed my life.  It opened my eyes to a place when I wanted to be.

The work started when I woke up.  I would imagine this love emanating through my hands and I would touch my body, feeling the energy within me.  Then my being was in need of great love.  It was full of tangles and wounds and cords and things I did not know how to let go of.  Day by day, year by year, moment by moment I starting holding myself there, in this space of love.

Each morning I would just open myself to this love and when I found a tension or a pain that did not match the energy I felt in the dream I would hold it in this space of love.  Going into this pain would cause emotions, old things imaginations and traumas to surface.  Breathing gently and just continuing to hold myself in love even there, being thoughtless or not engaging with the pain, just shifting this pain in a place of self acceptance and love I would feel the pains release and heal literally in my hands.  I could hear the whispers of the injuries releasing like the thoughts that bound the energies into place or the projections that I had stored from others.

The beginning of this work started me on a path that has brought me to where I am now. In a completely different space.  In a completely different life.  My life had been plagued by self hate on a path seeking destruction of my being and barely standing ion the world.  I hurt so badly that I could not let anyone touch me.  My pain that was hidden in my heart was seen by the creator and a great mercy enabled me to be touched and transformed.  During this transformation every step every move, every new experience took me on a journey that was nothing short of miraculous.  During this journey I became a woman who walks and trusts god in a divinely intimate way.  Taught by the creator personally and loved personally.

With Love,



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