Prayer of Restoration

God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, the universe all unseen and seen

Creator, knower of all mysteries great and small / who knit my soul together, my very being.

Like a child who needs a father, Like a child that needs a mother.

Abandoned, cast to nothing by those who did not care.

You oh Creator, oh God, Ruler of All = you are my everything, all that I have - I spend my days and nights weeping and longing for you.

You oh Creator, you are my provider my lungs are filled with air that is a gift from you.

Take the wounds off me.

Take the monsters away from me.

From my days and my nights.

You are my all, be my protector.

I need your protection

I need you unfailing love

I need your grace and mercy.

I need your restoration.

I need your hope, healing and celebration.

Without you I am nothing. Nothing has meaning, Without your grace I am nothing. You are the Creator of all.

Heal my very footsteps, my every foot step, lift me up because my mistakes have caused me to fall.

You that created the heavens and the earth, the world bows to you being, rocks worship you, birds sing in your presence.

It is you that created the heavens and the earth.

It is you only that brings true peace and a sound mind.

It is you whose love heals a soul from shaking.

It you that can say to a storm - be still.

Have mercy on my life, full of mistakes.

Have mercy on my life, because everything scared me.

Have mercy on my life like a mother who loved and holds her children.

Pull me out of witchcraft - things I do not understand and do not see.

Heal my life so you can be proud of me.

All I have that is meaningful is you.

I have wept to know you.

Grace and your kingdom.

All I have is you.

Where I have fallen and hurt myself forgive my sin, blot out my offenses.

I was raised in darkness. Heal me in your truth, way and light.

Help my feet walk correctly, my heart beat steadily.

My mind to be at rest echoing your thoughts.

The thoughts of a father that wants and loves me.

Heal my heart, my body to be your kingdom, let your presence dwell within me.

Can I understand and be by this part of you?

Can you take away these monsters?

Can you be near me longer?

Can I understand the grace and goodness?

can I be nurtured, watered and fed by you?

Will you protect me? I need you.

May your mercy and grace flow into me from you.

In your great mercy, can you wipe away my tears, heal my fears and bruises, scars and abuses.

Help me know how it is to have a father and a mother and friend that never leaves me.

Heal my soul give it reason. I need you.

Yeshua and the Great I Am, the God of Moses. I need you.


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