I’d never experienced anything like my sessions with Sarah.

She creates a space of absolute trust and peace that allows doors to open. I absolutely respect her mix of psychological understanding, empathy, and connection with something much larger. She’s both intelligent and wise. These tools compliment her healing, which created acceptance despite my internal war with scepticism. 
I’d never experienced energy healing prior to Sarah. She sat with me, explained everything, asked for permission when needed, and after the sessions explained what she saw and cared about what I had experienced. I felt guided through my own healing not forced or led.

It was uncanny how specific the things she saw were and how true to my own experience. 
Sarah is also a real, grounded human being not a higher-than-thou healer. Despite her immense abilities, I felt I could connect with her and be real myself. 

If you’re searching for answers or healing, I couldn’t recommend sitting with Sarah more. Thank you my friend, my life is forever changed. I feel lighter and more clear, unravelled in the best way.


I simply find words fall short to describe this experience with Sarah.
I could feel very strong and divine energy pouring out of her as she spoke her blessings. She's a beautiful channel and I feel very blessed to have been able to receive such a Gift. I really recommend booking a session with her.

I'm pretty amazed to report -  I don't feel afraid of spiders anymore. 

I've been in close contact with a few now - on me and around me - No cringing. No jumping. No panic. No involuntary convulsion. No trouble breathing. No shrieking for help. No crawling skin. Not even a gasp. How crazy is that? Considering I had all these problems when I came into contact, or even saw one too close, or too big - this calmness and ability to simply gently observe is very fucking crazy.


I have also had an enormous change in the way I feel around  my mother. I don't feel afraid of her anymore either...more specifically I felt I could remain calm around her - usually I am very nervous and my body goes into mild panic when she and her madness arrive but I saw her this weekend for the first time in several months and was really surprised by my reaction. She's still very unstable but my feeling and my physical reaction to her was different. I don't quite understand the mechanics of what has happened but I sincerely appreciate this gift of change - I'd given up on this ever changing - The results have really surprised me.  ~ much love, thank you Sara

I have known Sarah for a couple of years now and have experienced her generosity and integrity. Last week 

she did a healing on a pain in my breast and in a few minutes it was gone and has not come back since, even if it had been there for quite a while.There have been other healing in these two years and always I have felt the unconditional love and miraculous touch. I am very grateful for her beautiful medicine and recommend it to everyone who wants to have a real experience of love and healing. She is for REAL! Gracias mamita!


Sarah is one of the most thoughtful peOPLE THAT I have gotten to know,

and I think that is the key of this work, not only she has an amazing gift to heal, to understand, to see and to listen to people who ask for their help, she is also trustworthy and caring. 

Sometimes, we dont see the path even if it is in front of us, it is not that we dont wanna heal or move on like many people around say , it is because we are scared, shivering on a corner, and we dont wanna move because we have been deeply hurt, sometimes, as it happens to me, because of all that mountain of fears and sadness, we became ill and it is not fun to be ill and misunderstood at the same time, it is just not right, you think you are gonna spend the rest of your life there because everybody has told you it is your fault to be sick, that there are worse cases out there and lots of stuff that only makes you wanna dissapear because you start convincing yourself you are burden and deserve nothing. And then, she comes, not only she understands what is going on without knowing you, but also actually helps you see clear, she has been so patient, caring and helpful to me

that I think I will continue to thank her all my life❤,

Im in my process now, Im in my path now..it is not an easy path, but at the least I had the gift to know her and she had the time and the patience to show me there was actually one for me. 

Thanks a lot Sarah🌼, hope all this love you have for humankind comes back multiplied, you are one of a kind.
~ Chriss 

Sarah is a powerful and very clear channel of the divine. 

I do not feel any interference of her personality (although she is obviously very loving). There is a very distinct energy that comes through that seems to transcend blockages with ease. More than a release, I felt filled beyond the brim with divine energy. I felt connected - to my center and the the universe - with an unknown clarity. It is that sense of deep connection and trust that allows us to move forward and transcend any limitation. I highly recommend a session with Sarah 

~ Nalaya

When I reached out to Sarah, there was nothing heavy on my heart, nor was I looking for any healing work. I was simply looking through Sacred Valley Spirit events to see what was going on in the valley beings I’d just returned. After reading her heartfelt post and a few testimonials, I felt compelled to reach out to her. I came to Peru to do some healing work and to celebrate a very emotionally charged birthday, as I turned the age my father was when he passed away. Sarah had no idea of any of this, yet when she replied and suggested the day and time for us to meet, it happened to be on my father’s birthday, even close to the very time of his birth. During the session, there were even further confirmations of her intuitive healing abilities. I’ve been hung by my left leg, with a rope in three separate accidents. Once at 7 years old, once at 14, and again at the age of 21. 

Within minutes of our session, without knowing of any of these accidents, Sarah’s hands were at the location of the scar and I felt a huge flush of energy throughout my entire being. Sarah is simply an amazing being. 

You can feel her love and sincerity as she opens her heart and even without words, shares her light to help you heal ♥️✨


I feel the need to share a experience I just had.


Sarah did a healing with me and Irina.  I can personally say she is the real deal. She is indeed channeling the light of Christ and angel energies.  

In just a few minutes she removed blockages in us that no other healers could do in many hours and sessions.  She is full on.  

I totally recommend her and trust her abilities to channel this energy.  Of course no one can heal anything until the person is ready to let go, but still I felt the power of what she does.  She is available for everybody and it’s basically donation based.  Whatever you feel like.  She just wants to share and be at service, it’s not about the money.  The whole thing takes only few minutes.  Spirit really does work fast once it’s allowed.


I'm still buzzing all over while writing this. Anyway's......... felt like sharing as I'm amazed. ~ Josh

I worked with Sarah two times when I was in very depressed and hopeless situations and two times she helped me to immediately step out of them.

It is so easy to talk about problems and emotions in her presence of patience and unconditional love. It gave me the strength to shift my perspective very quickly and find new strength to deal with my problems. The fact that there is no money barrier to see her makes her work even more precious. I am very very grateful to have been blessed with her beautiful, healing presence in my emergencies!


Lovely Sarah <3 is helping us so, so much in the last few weeks. It is unbelievable how much she is present with all of her love <3 and spiritual intelligence and wisdom. We are so blessed to have her by our site and it is so beautiful she is blessed with all of this, which comes so beautiful out of her spiritual inside, insight and all the guides she is able to connect to. <3 I hope I use the right words.

Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life and she just was able to straighten us up again with a few wise sentences and bring back hope, underlined by concrete inspirations and actions, what we can do 

<3 She immediately started a prayer and a session for us, which we the human and our animal souls are so thankful for <3 
Feeling clear love and gratitude for you. <3 🙏


Sarah's presence is honest and her healing powerful. 

I felt completely safe. Pleasent and uncomplicated to work with, I rapidly felt the effects of her touch. Her words are smart, light yet incredibly effective and wise, and her energetic capacities were felt as a positive healing force in my whole being. Sarah's talent and pure good will are truely special, and highly recommended to work with. Thank you Sarah!

I felt a connection to Sarah from the start, even before I knew she is offering healing sessions. Then, when I read about it the first time, I immediately knew I have and want to work with her.. I completely trusted her from the first moment even not knowing her at all.

You know how you feel when you´re in love with somebody!? This is the feeling I had coming up from my inside after the first distance healing we were blessed to receive! It was so great and fascinating. Additionally I also

felt like a kid when your Mommy holds you and tells you all is good“. I even felt a little bit taller! 
In those days our doggy got sick and in such situations I mostly feel blocked, instable and loaded with fear. for me it is hard not to get overwhelmed by my feelings then, allthough I always handle the things good. In those days I also was grounded from my inside, like I always wish to be in such situations!

Sarah also did a session for the Mom of my sister in law. It was incredible! 

The things she knows and the things she does and the profound and "on the point" advice she has. 

I don´t know the Mom so well, Sarah doesn´t know her either, but saw more than me and helped the Mom so much. She did a second healing immediately when we asked her for help a few days ago!

She also did a session for my Mom and me a second time now and it´s always like if you are able to see through your own eyes again, it´s like her healing takes away the mist hanging around in your consciousness.
And she recognizes the spirits which take energy from you and this also is such a incredible great gift, since many people are not aware of those energies hanging around them!

Sarahs style is so beautiful, she is calm, full of love, patient, generous and wise.

And what she does is not "only" giving you hope, it materializes believe. Believe in all the greatness going on inside and outside of all of us and the great connections that are here to be with and for us. And even if it doesn´t seem so ;) I am speechless by these distance healings and connections. <3

From my heart, I am so, so happy her and my guardian angels connected us! We send all of our love to you Sarah ! <3 Thank you so much for being here with and for us! 


Sarah managed to somehow lift a weight over my shoulders. 

She is kind, tactful and intuitive and listens sincerely. Thank you for this soothing time. Don't be shy and get in touch with Sarah Sherman. I can be skeptical when it comes to alternative therapy but 

I felt I could trust her and it felt comfortable and safe.
~ Marion

Sarah, the after effects of your treatment were amazing. 

I felt a definite shift in my attitude and outlook. Beyond anything I've experienced before. Thank you so much ~Kerrie

I am smiling ear to ear. My session with Sarah…. absolute perfection. She is sweetly present, insightful, and devoted to you! I almost cannot believe that she exists. 

To be so giving of her time to heal us who are in pain without asking for anything in return is so touching. I can feel her love and her commitment to healing those whose hearts are suffering. Sarah is a true heart healer and she definitely loves being there for us.


For the past couple months, I have been waking up everyday with the most rapidly uncomfortable heart beat and this feeling of my heart about to thud right out of my chest due to a deceitful, messy and painful break up. I have mostly felt empowered despite the pain of the break up because I know I am in an amazing place in my life with my self-worth and the vast opportunities I have academically. The sting of how the relationship ended is still rough and it makes life harder and harder to focus on what I really know I must be devoting my life to.

Sarah guided me to the first time I felt this uncomfortable chest pain… I had not realized that I had felt this at first. Even though I experienced some intense emotions and memories I felt so comfortable during the session. She guided me much deeper to places that I had not fully healed. She gave me the opportunity to feel peace with those experiences and then to expand my empowerment even more so.


Personally, during the session I realized that I have been through a lot worse and can giggle at the sweet heartbreak I have been feeling upon waking up. Now, I am excited to practice the tools she suggested that will bring me happiness and laughter upon waking up. I am so honored to have been in her presence and I am so grateful for the time she spent with me. 


Sarah, I thank you directly for keeping me true, genuine, and igniting my empowerment and giddiness even more. O my goodness I smiled so big at our session and will continue to smile wide.


If you are in need of love and healing see Sarah. 

You will love the boost. 

I know that when I need a boost or when I am feeling any heart pain Sarah is the person I will go to. She is an amazing person who will really be there for you. Thank you Sarah for being here for us.


Sarah Sherman is doing outstanding work as an energy healer.
My wife and I reached out to her for assistance working with the subtle energies affecting a small but serious potential complication in my wife's pregnancy.
Before Sarah told us she was performing a distance healing (from Indonesia to Ecuador) my partner was especially aware of some strong energy moving through her body...

Later i received a message from Sarah vetting what my partner was experiencing.

After one month we have determined that the problem has dissappeared and we have the green light for having a natural birth.

There were various things we invested in to improve the situation (including acupuncture) I'm certain it all had an effect, but Sarah's work certainly counts for a lot.

There is no doubt that what she is doing is legitimate ---- I recommend investing in yourself and your loved ones regarding any energetic healing/work you may need done...

You're not alone and there are people who want to genuinely help (not operating out of self-interest)

We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with Sarah on this matter...

Thanks Sarah, blessings to you for the beautiful work you are doing <3

I had a traumatic head injury when i was a teenager and have been working at putting back together humpty dumpty ever since. 

Sarah was able to help me find some missing pieces that decades of meditation and healers had been unable to find. I am not only thankful but truly amazed.


The connection which Sarah has is a big Gift through which I understand better my existence and my purpose. Shared in very humble and profound way. The experience of Divinity, Eternal Bliss, Understanding and Forgiveness helped to me to step into my power again and Trust, in me and my Path.
The space which is Sarah is holding is very safe and I felt hold in Angel hands.
Im very grateful for this powerful healing beyond the physical world.. Love you Sarah!


 Benevolent and beautiful medicine woman

I had an intimate 1x1 session with Sarah. I felt very safe with her, that she has a lot of experience and really knows what she's doing. The way she prays is very powerful and really inspiring and nurturing. I really felt her unique gift of healing, her love, and total acceptance of me, and felt very secure to go through some deep process in the space she had opened. Besides that she's a very generous host, she's very warm and very wise, with many interesting and funny stories. Ah, and on top of everything, she made me an amazing vegan breakfast!