From the earliest recorded literature people have written of and experienced the laying on of hands as a miraculous healing technique.  Certain people walk in the power of these gifts.  


During a distance or in person tune up some people Experience Major Energy Shifts in just a few minutes.   Through the laying on of hands or with distance work I intercede and hold space for you to connect with your own healing.  This brings a lasting and permanent change that is different in each person that experiences it.  What usually changes is what you need the most and are ready and want to shift. 


Energy healing is a beautiful way to process experiences and know yourself better on the inside.  Yeshua once said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.  Energy healing penetrates that which may appear invisible, but in reality is the very fabric of what weaves us together.

What happens when we connect?


We are all unique expressions of life and everyone's sessions are completely individual.  When we first connect I will do a distance session to understand your energy and what is going on.  At this point you do not have to tell me anything.  Or if you have something you would like to talk about a thought that has been circling your mind I am here to listen.  We can connect on a live Zoom or a Skype call.  As we talk I will walk you through some steps that allow the stuck energy behind the thoughts to release.  

During the healing there maybe some steps for you to practice to work on your ultimate health.  This is a partnership.  I am here to hold space and watch your transformation.  The steps may include diet, excercise, detoxing or tapping deep into your creativity.

In Person Energy Healing Session