I like seeing results and my healings are based on donation.  The donation exchange is based on Ayni which is the Quechua belief of 'sacred reciprocity', or 'nothing ever goes one way.'  As a verb, this often refers to the cooperation between the members of a community when one member gives to another, he or she is entitled to receive something back. What I ask is that you send a PayPal based on what you feel you recieve.  A good way to see if it the right amount is how you feel after you pay.  Did you send too little? Too much?

The Art of Giving is a way that I live my life.  Knowing abundance and experiencing that freedom.  That trust.  What is given helps me to do this work and helps create freedom in your life and others.  

To send a payment using PayPal click here paypal.me/lifetaught or the icon below.  If you do not use PayPal message me and we can work something out.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you.